Piano City Athens - Ιστορία

Piano City® was started by Andreas Kern, an artist and visionary from Berlin.

His concept brings people from all over the world together through music. With Berlin as the starting city, each city becomes a place where music and culture are valued, supported and enjoyed, not only on an international level, but also on a wide private level.

Our team attended Piano City Berlin a few years ago, impressed by the innovation of this particular festival, we decided to organize Piano City for the first time in 2023 in Athens. The public embraced the festival by flooding all the places that hosted concerts! The city was flooded with piano sounds!

Athens is now part of the international music movement Piano City!

Piano City has already been organized in many cities: Madrid, Milan, New York, etc.

What's happening at Piano City 2023

Three days (May 12, 13 and 14) full of music, euphoria, smiles. The notes flooded parks, squares, pedestrian streets, museums, hospitals, conservatories, schools, homes. Acclaimed artists, rising stars, but also piano students, were at the center of the events, spreading joy and excitement to the residents and visitors of this city.

97 concerts were held, all packed with people who wanted to live a special experience. Many people made their own musical route and attended many of the concerts, running from one part of the city to another, so as not to miss a single note! Others, mere passers-by, stood in awe at the sight of a grand piano in the middle of the street and hearing the exquisite melodies that filled the space overshadowing the din of the city.

The success of the house concerts was a big surprise! The musicians opened their homes and played for as many as their living room could hold, for a "small" audience, which turned out to be very large! Within breathing distance, pianists and spectators enjoyed the musical dialogue, having the opportunity after the concert to meet the artists up close and chat with them.

Piano City Athens showed from the very first time how thirsty the public is for quality in their lives, how thirsty artists are for opportunities to present their work to the general public and how many talented musicians this country has.

The road has opened, the next Piano City is already preparing to conquer the hearts of the Athenians again and, why not, to travel to other cities in Greece as well.

The numbers are impressive:

- 32 public concerts

- 47 concerts in conservatories

- 18 house concerts

- About 7,700 people attended the festival

- 124 musicians participated

- 50 media publications

-15,000 visits to the Piano City Athens site

-1.621.196 impressions

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